Bring Mind & Body Back Together

Essex Stretch Academy is about bringing mind and body back together. Each session focuses on caring for the body, from the core, throughout.

With this focus on stronger and flexible muscles, the body and mind will begin to come together.

  • Stretch out tight muscles, limbs and ultimately your minds.
  • Concentrate on stretching, lengthening and strengthening the muscles.
  • Stretching is for everyone, there are no restrictions. Male and female, young and old.
  • Whether you are a professional athlete or have never attempted any form of exercise previously. In todays world of being on 24 hour call via email, text, phones we are all in need of time out to take care of ourselves and our minds.
  • Move with more ease and watch how the little niggles, aches and pains slowly fade away.
  • Sleep soundly with a relaxed body and mind.
  • Whether you train regularly and put your body through the mill to running around after the children Essex Stretch Academy is the ideal place to bring yourself back, to you.
  • By focusing on strengthening and stretching, the body and mind will begin to come together and you will find this carries over into your every day life.
  • Located across Essex.
  • Each session is one hour.

Getting In Touch

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